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What happens when the fate of last two members of the human race is in the hands(?) of an arrogant AI?

Lost Contact is a base defense game where you are trying to defend your power source and find a control sphere to connect to by growing your base.

You have to use different types of towers for your advantage and keep the power source and the towers you build connected at all times or they will not function at all. That's how they are powered.

Who are you defending the power source from? A primitive alien race that invaded Earth, now it's time to wipe off the human race off of galaxy.

LMB: Select
Hold RMB: Rotate Camera
Scroll MMB: Zoom in/out

Have fun and tell us what you think!

(Features that couldn't be implemented:
- Shared online scoreboard,
- Upgrade to turret, blockade and mine towers
- Intro cutscene
- Different types of creepers (faster, stronger etc.)
- Removing towers
- In-game How To pop-up)

Install instructions

Unpack the rar folder anywhere and run LostContact.exe


LostContact.rar 32 MB

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