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NOTE: Only windows and web player builds were tested. We made Mac and Linux builds to allow more players to test our game, however we are not sure of their stability.

We strongly recommend playing on resolutions of at least 1280x768.

W,S,A,D - throttle/rotation control

W,S,A,D + SHIFT - docking controls (axis aligned)

MOUSEWHEEL - camera zoom

Q - mining laser

E - docking (only when in space station and speed below 1m/s

TAB - big game map! (also shows your pointing direction)

SPACE - warp drive (use with caution!)

LMB - laser fire (need to be unlocked first)

RMB - rocket fire (needs to be unlocked first)

R - radar charge (hold long too use)


1. Watch the fuel counter.

2. Really watch that fuel counter

3. Don't rush (speed does not decrease by itself)

4. Use radar to detect nearby asteroids

5. Sell your cargo at stations (STORE TAB)

6. There is plenty to explore: 5 upgrades level per system.

Install instructions

Unpack the rar archive into a separate folder and double click on SpaceDelver.exe file.

NOTE: Not tested on resolutions below 1366x768.


SpaceDelver_WINDOWS.rar 21 MB
SpaceDelver_MAC.rar 22 MB
SpaceDelver_LINUX.rar 23 MB